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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Text by Deborah Lynne Carlton

Excerpt from Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils indented.



At some time or another, we may experience a feeling of emptiness that seemingly cannot be filled. Especially if love, support or a feeling of safety were lacking in the childhood home, or significant wounding has occurred.

This sort of emptiness does not respond to external means of filling it, in fact, it may seem bottomless in nature, as if a constant leak exists somewhere. Major life changes such as the lost of loved one through divorce or death or the loss of employment may also leave one feeling empty, unable to pick up the pieces and create a new life.


Though verbally processing emotions can lead to an understanding of the source cause, and allow us to formulate action, the mind is not able to access where these emotions are stored or fully remedy the issue – thus the feeling may hang on like a shadow. For this, we must work deeper into the emotional mind, body and cellular memory to affect tangible change. Fortunately, therapeutic grade essential oils have the ability to access these levels.


Caroline Mein’s book, “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils,” is an excellent resource for those interested in taking a proactive role in their personal emotional freedom. Following is tool for working with issues around the Feeling of Emptiness.


  1. Identify and FEEL the emotion or essence of EMPTINESS.
  2. Deeply inhale the oil of “LEMON” inviting it deeply into all of your cells.
  3. Feel the OTHER SIDE of the emotion (FULL)
  4. Apply 1 drop of LEMON to the BREAST Alarm Point (45? angle 2” up from nipple), plus top of head, across forehead and base of cranium.
  5. Focus on the statement, “I am complete.
  6. If desired, say the statement until something shifts and you feel it.
  7. Repeat this process as often as useful. If feelings of Emptiness is deeply rooted, that may be 7 times a day for 3 weeks, if that is what it takes to clear the emotion from your life.


Therapeutic Grade Lemon may also be used to clear the emotional patterns of Being Left Behind, Fear of Detachment, Frustration, Life Being Unbearable, Sadness and Stuck.  Always use therapeutic grade oils. Essential oils purchased in retail locations are often perfume grade containing chemicals and toxic fillers and cannot be utilized for therapeutic results.

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