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RELEASING EMOTIONS and this History of Essential Oils

Sunday, February 07, 2010


It is important to know that these many wonderful emotional blends by Young Living, and the process by which they are used for emotional release, is based upon research of ancient heiroglyphics documenting the work of the renowned Egyptian healers.



Essential oils were more highly prized than gold and only the wealthy could afford them. Those who could afford such care would be taken deep into the chambers of the pyramids by the priests, sometimes for three days, where essential oils would be utilized in silence and darkness to “cleanse the blood and the flesh” of “evil spirits” ie, negative emotions… traumas… anything that might hinder a soul’s perfect after life. Baths would be taken at sunrise and sunset, with essential oils floating on the water.

The Egyptians were all about that perfect after life and their understanding of the depth and potency of the oils was profound. Gary Young devoted a great deal of time in Egypt following this research.


In ancient times, medicine was still in the hands of the priests and therefore the spiritual aspect of healing was intricately woven with the science.

Later in man’s history, a separation occured where the church retained possession of the spirit, however medicine became the realm of the scientists. I believe that pivotal separation has led us to this crisis in our medicine and healing where scientifically based, non-intelligent chemistry that has been manipulated is not able to cure, only suppress symptoms, while creating many harmful side effects. New strains of super bugs are showing up with virtually no opposition in the scientific world and man now asks, “How can we heal this?”


Did you know that ancient texts prove the Egyptians successfully cured 81 diseases?


Ornate Alabaster Jars were used to bury prized essential oils with the Royal Dead
Highly prized essential oils were entombed with the wealthy and royal dead in ornate, hand-carved alabaster vessels. 2000 years later, the oils were found medicinally viable upon opening King Tut's tomb.

Here is the gift of true therapeutic grade essential oils – living intelligent chemistry which has not been manipulated, therefore recognized by our body intelligence as a beneficial substance, easily taken in and moved throughout the body to deliver valuable oxygen, fight infection, release emotions, repair damaged tissue and DNA… the body intelligence knows what to do. Our job is to utilize and apply the oils wisely.


For more information of this nature, you may find Dr. Stewart’s “Healing Oils of the Bible” a delightful read.

Why exactly did the three wise men bring frankincense gold and myrrh to the Christ child?

Why have these ancient healing oils come back around today? Perhaps we are ready to understand them.  

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