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TMJ – A client experience

Friday, November 27, 2009

TMJ- Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome.

One day at the chiropractors, an angry woman was engaging at the front desk. The trapped administrator spotted me and quickly directed her my way saying, “THERE… go talk to Deborah, she can help you!” RATS -- just when I was enjoying that after treatment bliss. 


Yet one look and it was evident how years of accumulated rage had literally locked up this woman's jaw and neck.  However painful, did not limit her from holding people verbal hostage and now I was in the cross hairs.


Barely pausing, she readied to launch. My instinctive response was, “Whoa, STOP right there!!!  Hand firmly extended and all business…. I offered the magic question, “So how does that feel?” meaning the self-perpetuating anger program? 

Astonished, a bit ruffled, she admitted it hurt. “Well then, if you’re willing to try something new, you are welcomed to come for a Raindrop session and we will see what it does. Otherwise, carry on and I’ll go home.” Handing her a card, I left.


The woman did call and upon arrival began the verbal diatribe, which no doubt would have been endless. Up went the hand with the invitation to stop… mind you, this woman could not turn her head nor open her jaw and even such extreme discomfort did not deter her from this favorite obsession.


First, I offered a drop of VALOR with the suggestion to smear it from the base of the neck to cranial base, and then INHALE deeply. VALOR is an alignment blend that would begin clearing out the accumulated emotion and distress.

Then another drop of VALOR to smear up the jaw line to the temples.

Mmmmm, she like.


Next, a drop of PANAWAY, same directions. This blend is formulated for pain and swelling and it penetrates quickly.

Yes indeed, she LIKE.


And finally, a drop of PEPPERMINT, same directions, as PEPPERMINT will drive in and amplify the effect of the other oils.


Inside of a minute, her jaw released and opened easily,as she slowly turned her head left left to right with the most astonished look upon her face. Still some pinching to the far right, other than that, feeling very good.


"Now then Madame, are you ready to receive your session?"

Quickly she was on the table and I began applying and layering the oils the length of her spine and feet. On went the moist compresses. All was quiet.


An hour later, a markedly different person arose from the table, relaxed and fluid, even dreamy. I asked if she could imagine a different experience on the next trip to the chiropractic's office. Indeed she could.

(Imaging is so powerfully important) For instance, can you imagine how it must have been for her to receive an adjustment prior to this session? No doubt hellish for both the patient and doctor.  Like trying to adjust an oak tree that might shatter at any moment.


I worked with this woman only this once. Finances were apparently limited, and I certainly had spun her wheels with some new ideas. Who knows how it all landed after the session? Eventually the Administrator mentioned the woman saying, “You have no idea what you did for her… she has never been the same woman since that treatment. A full 360 degree transformation.” I gathered that she had let go a lot of accumulated emotion, most of it unresolved rage towards her father.


Some times, it is just one encounter or two and our job is done. I tell this story during classes as a truly astounding example of how the oils can accomplish in seconds what no words could ever manage. Miraculous really. And though I no longer offer the formal oils sessions, I treasure this experience as wholly worthwhile and affirming.


In good health,



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