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Michigan Institute of Qigong Healing And Wellness

Sifu Dan Ferrera

31839 Eight Mile at Parker Street Livonia, MI 48152 Between Farmington and Merriman/Orchard Lake
(248) 478-1088

Welcome to Michigan Institute of Qigong Healing And Wellness, LLC

Everyone deserves to feel at peace with the world regardless of circumstances that are beyond one’s control. Through Qigong training, meditation & philosophy we hope to provide you with happiness, radiant health and inner peace. In so doing, we improve not only you, but the community that you belong to as well. Everyone deserves health and through healing practices we learn to be compassionate towards those in need. By helping others, we help ourselves. By teaching others, we help all.

Qigong is different from other exercises such as sports. In Qigong you direct your mind inwards while in most traditional exercises the mind is directed externally upon the task or competitors instead of the internal activity within the body. Qigong emphasizes cultivating virtue, refining consciousness, regulating the breath, and gently moving the body, while sports are mainly focused solely on performance and bodily movement. In moving the body, dynamic Qigong uses the mind to direct chi and then chi to direct the body, the movement of the body thus to serve the spirit, mind and chi, which allows the experience and mystery of the body in total relaxation. In sports, one is trained to focus on physical form while the mind is not directed internally, instead towards the movement of the body or tools. The mind becomes the servant to facilitate and synchronize a sequence of movements, moving muscles, tendons, etc. Here the mind and body are not relaxed.

In terms of regeneration within the body, sports promote the consumption of energy to accelerate this process through triggering the movement of muscles and transforming chemical energy (Adenosine triphosphate or ATP) into mechanical energy. Therefore, it requires extra nutrition and sleep to recover from the expended energy. In other words, traditional sports and exercise are designed to amplify the quantity of life energy that comes into and flows out of the body during the physical performance.  In contrast, Qigong training focuses on accumulating energy from the atmosphere while significantly reducing the body’s consumption of energy, slowing down the process or need for regeneration. It regulates the order of internal life activity and reorganizes the biological structure, therefore significantly increasing your life force or “Chi” and vitality.

Understanding Medical Qigong & Chi Healing Treatments 

Qigong (pronounced “chee-gung”) has been practiced in China for many thousands of years, where it is widely accepted as a self-healing method and an effective medical treatment as well. The name literally means “Energy Work or Skill” and covers a wide variety of methods for enhancing one’s Chi (internal energy or life force).  The most common factors are clearing the mind, breathing slowly and deeply from the abdomen while focusing on the Dan tien, which is an energy center in the area of about 3 to 4 finger widths below the navel. This area is called the “Sea of Chi.” 

Everyone should understand that all healing is “Self Healing”, which no doctor will deny. The fact is the human body is designed to heal and repair itself. Sometimes it just needs help to get the job done. Qigong healing enhances energy flow, repairs energy blockages and significantly increases the person’s available energy for self-healing similar to filling your car up with gas. Neither will function correctly without available energy. When people are ill and their own level of Chi is very low or stagnant, receiving emitted Chi from a highly proficient Qigong practitioner often proves to be a powerful stimulant or catalyst aiding in their recovery. With proper Chi-flow restored and a full tank of gas (chi) provided by the Qigong healer, your body will do what it has always been designed to do, heal and repair itself.  

Modern scientific studies in China recognize that Medical Qigong masters can emit energy from their hands, which benefits the person’s health and healing. It is believed that the emitted chi dissolves energetic blockages that have developed within the person’s meridian system and then also provides them with a surplus of fresh energy for the natural self-healing process. People who are ill or are under other forms of physical or emotional stress have much lower levels of chi, which can be elevated and/or restored by a healing Qigong treatment. Scientific experiments done in China have measured many types of frequencies such as: radio waves, sound, magnetic fields and infrared vibrations emanating from the hands or bodies of Medical Qigong practitioners. 

In my healing classes or Medical Qigong, you can learn to transmit your Chi through mental intention, focusing on the lower energy center or Dan tien along with specific breathing. You learn how to direct your chi to the various internal organs, acupuncture points, bone marrow and energy meridians to significantly benefit healing, often with dramatic results. The healing treatment approach covers the entire body so that nothing is missed. Many times the symptoms are caused from parts of the body’s energy system that would seem totally unrelated to most western medicine principles. Medical Qigong often delivers miraculous and profound results for health and vitality. In Medical Qigong, the healer provides the energetic fuel for the body’s highly evolved process of natural self-healing. 

Qigong Healing Treatments for ill clients. Available upon request: Contact us for appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome near scheduled class times, but there is no guarantee of treatment if the schedule is full or Mr. Ferrera is unavailable
Specialties: Energy Medicine, Meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Client Focus: Men's Health, Senior Health, Women's Health
Health Conditions: Aging, Arthritis, Autoimmune disorders, Blood pressure - high, Blood pressure, low, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pain, Rejuvenation
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